Tanner Doss

Partner / COO

In addition to his family, Tanner loves two things: meeting interesting people, and solving difficult problems. El Cap is a job that allows him to do both of these things on a daily basis. Within minutes of meeting him, you can quickly deduce that Tanner has never met a stranger. “From an early age, I’ve always enjoyed meeting people and getting to know their backstories,” he recalls. His love of problem-solving came shortly thereafter, but he was able to take it to another level while in the military. “I learned early on in my military career, what makes up the best leaders is the ability to keep a level head and make quick decisions to keep momentum. However, long term they must also listen to the information given, and deviate if necessary,” he says.

Tanner graduated from the United States Air Force Academy and served 5 years as an officer in the U.S. Air Force, serving one tour in Afghanistan. After his stint in the military, Tanner joined the investment bank at Goldman Sachs. From there, he joined a hedge fund where he re-programmed his investment brain after his days in investment banking. After spending all of his extra time and money flying out West, Tanner officially made his way to the mountains and joined a multi-billion dollar single-family office. At the family office, Tanner focused on both public and private investments as Director of Investments. After allocating hundreds of millions of dollars into other funds, Tanner wanted to take his skillset to the other side of the table, and work more closely with companies.

At El Cap, Tanner serves as a Partner and COO. He is focused on leveling up the firm's internal operations, supporting existing portfolio companies, cultivating relationships with our investors, and seeking new investment opportunities.

Favorite movie: The Big Lebowski

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