Stew Bradley

Co-founder & General Partner

Stew is a learner. "Nothing says more about the potential success of a business than the pace at which it learns." His views on learning were instilled in him by his grandfather, a physician and computer scientist who pioneered many aspects of computer applications for medicine.

After studying finance and accounting at Nebraska, Stew played seven seasons as a linebacker in the NFL. He then joined Goldman Sachs as a technology banker, before moving to an $11 billion dollar Tiger cub hedge fund in NYC where he invested in technology companies. He is also the co-founder of an API enabled digital optimization business.

Stew believes teams are the engine that drives innovation. "Great teams emerge from clear communication, strong support context, and a shared pride in pursuit of a common goal. Whether an NFL team, a squad of Navy SEALs, or a startup, the best teams have high levels of accountability and a standard of quality that is motivated by internal expectations. Teams like this are contagious."

At El Cap, Stew is passionate about meeting founders and helping them solve problems.

Favorite movie: Back to the Future

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