Matt Flanagan


Matt found his passion for new technology while working in a research lab at Rutgers. If he wasn’t at football practice or tending to his own cell cultures, you may have found Matt in neighboring labs asking about their research projects. "I've always loved the end-of-semester symposiums. It's a lab-grade science fair and a front-row seat to emerging technology." Matt will always stan for the scientific method as a way to solve problems, but is most interested in finding the answers to 'so what?' and 'what's next?'.

After starting his football career as a walk-on, Matt played tight end in the NFL for three years. He spent each offseason studying finance and entrepreneurship at the University of Pittsburgh and doing project-level technology transfer work with early-stage companies at externships with NASA and the NFLPA.

At El Cap, Matt supports partners with market research and diligence projects evaluating potential new investments, as well as being a resource for portfolio companies.

Favorite movie: Swiss Army Man

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