Kunal Tandon

Co-founder & General Partner

Kunal Tandon’s lifelong relationship with the internet and technology started with a custom built computer from a warehouse in New York that was outfitted with a 14.4 kbit/s modem. Overtime, AOL chat rooms, creating and hosting his own BBS, trading files across FTP servers, and joining early communities on IRC, Kunal understood that a more connected world was transformative.

After focusing on International Studies at Emory, Kunal joined a logistics focused and data enabled SMB, where we helped innovate, grow, and exit the business after nearly a decade of operating. From there, he joined Collaborative Fund in NYC, where he focused on supporting portfolio companies on business operations and go-to-market, in addition to evaluating potential seed stage investments. After Collaborative, he joined Core Labs’ founding team to experiment and build products focused on the future of work.

At El Cap, Kunal focuses on discovering early-stage founders who are building companies that empower people to do their best work. He believes that technology at its best has the ability to expand access to opportunity, and in that pursuit it will reinvent every industry. “The most exciting part of this job is when founders share obvious secrets with us. A secret about something that is broken in an industry, and why they believe the product they have built can repair it for so many people. The problem they are solving is not a secret to those who encounter it regularly, and if the solution they are building is compelling, it inevitably feels obvious to everyone who intimately understands the problem. If the product is successful, it becomes obvious to everyone else eventually.”

Favorite movie: The Godfather II

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